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Mariide Widmann

The Barn    
Downwinder Boogie    
Wake Up Call    
Too Simple    
News Break History    
Led Poisoning Waltz    
New World Order Hymn    
Patriot Song    
Roger Sherman (Memorial Money Rap)    
May the Circle    


Personal Statement

The current presidential appointee is wrong on almost all fronts -- for instance:
"People should give 4,000 hours of volunteer service in a lifetime."
Wrong end of the telescope, George. Fifteen minutes a day.
The Aerosol Lard Bomb
Equal opportunity offender solution.
It's even an American farm support program.
Terrifying problems -- ludicrous solutions
I dream of all those Semites doing desperate ablutions
We finally hit the Middle East
We hit it big
With fifty million megatons of melted pig
Read Article 1, Sec. 10 of the Constitution and the Coinage Act of 1792.
Ask yourself why a private bank is in charge of our monetary system.
I'd like to be an ELF -- join an International Grandparents' Party,
Elder Liberation Front
"Everything at stake -- Nothing to lose"
                     Mariide Widmann


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